7. November 2022

Effectively implement mandatory instructions in the company

Mandatory instruction – what is it actually?

Mandatory instruction is the instruction that every employer must provide to its employees. It is about informing employees about the hazards and risks that may occur at work. The purpose of compulsory instruction is to ensure that employees know how to behave in certain situations in order to avoid accidents. Compulsory instruction in the workplace is an important part of occupational health and safety. It is used to educate employees about the hazards that can occur at work.

The aim of mandatory instruction is to prevent accidents and damage to health. The compulsory training must be carried out regularly. It should take place at least once a year. If special hazards or risks occur in a company, the compulsory training must take place more frequently. The mandatory training must be carried out by qualified personnel. This means that the employer must ensure that the personnel have the necessary knowledge and skills to adequately instruct the employees. Mandatory instruction must be documented in writing. The employer must keep a list of all employees who have participated in the mandatory instruction.

In connection with the compulsory instruction in the company, many entrepreneurs ask themselves how this task can be effectively implemented. After all, mandatory instruction is a legal requirement that every company must fulfill. In most cases, however, the implementation of mandatory training in many companies is very unsystematic and undisciplined. As a result, not all employees are actually sufficiently informed about the dangers to which they are exposed on a daily basis. It is therefore urgently necessary that the compulsory instruction is implemented effectively in the company!

When an accident occurs in the workplace, it’s not only bad for the injured person themselves, but also for their colleagues who may have witnessed it happen. And, of course, it also has an impact on the company: Not only because an employee is missing and productivity drops, but also because such accidents are often expensive – both for health insurers and for the company itself. But such accidents can be avoided in most cases. That’s what mandatory instruction in the workplace is for.