More than two-thirds of employees work in warehouses, production facilities, in the field or in trucks. In logistics, the percentage of employees who are away from their PCs is even higher. They usually don’t have a company e-mail address and are therefore difficult to reach via the usual communication channels. But they, too, need to be integrated into your operational information management.

With our info management system, you take care of all your internal planning for communicating documents and play them out to all departments and employees in a targeted manner. Wherever they happen to be. In the office, home office or on the road. Until now, you had to control and manage your information obligations in a cumbersome way via different channels. Never quite sure whether all employees had actually processed the messages. This has now come to an end. With mobile channels, you can now reach everyone.


Of course, not every piece of information or every document is intended for all employees. That’s why we offer you the option of transferring very specific individual documents to individual employees or departments in our platform.

Gesetzliche Informationspflichten

Due to ever new legal requirements, you are obliged to ensure the transfer of various information to employees. This means additional work for you. And with every slightest change, you have to pass this on to your employees again. This is the case, for example, with the EU mobility package. With DigiDuck you have your duties firmly under control and reduced to a minimum of effort and time.

Erweiterte Informations- möglichkeiten

Why don’t you also use our info management system for your internal communication? For example, for operational communications such as shift and maintenance schedules, operating instructions, employee manuals and internal information of any kind. This way, you can see exactly which employee has received and opened which information. And you can be sure that the desired message has reached its recipient.

Revisionssichere Dokumentation

Our platform documents exactly when your employee received and opened which document. This gives you a guaranteed audit-proof record of which employee received which document from you and when.

Zeitersparnis für Ihre Führungskräfte

Especially in fast-growing companies, it is often very time-consuming for managers to train and familiarize new employees. Often there is not enough time to discuss all important information in detail with all new employees. With DigiDuck, you define which information is important for your new employees and then benefit from our professional info management system, which the new employees can work through flexibly and independently. Managers can concentrate on other important tasks again.

Try DigiDuck now and reach your entire workforce. Save time and effort!