15. January 2023

Instruction duties in the company

What are statutory duties to instruct? Statutory requirements for mandatory instruction can be found in Section 6 (1) sentences 2 and 3 of the German Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG). According to this, the employer is obliged to instruct employees at least once a year about the hazards and risks of their work and […]

12. January 2023

How the info management system can help you in your work

Why an info management system? An info management system is a useful software platform that can help you manage and archive information. It can help you organize and manage the flood of information you receive in the course of your daily work. By using an info management system, you can quickly access necessary data and […]

9. December 2022

The right personal protective equipment (PPE) for your workplace

Personal protective equipment (PPE) – what is it anyway? Many of us think that we don’t need it and that it is unlikely that we would ever get into a situation where we would need it. But what if we do? Before you head to your workplace, make sure you have the right personal protective […]

9. December 2022

Ergonomics instruction for office employees

Common mistakes in office ergonomics Employers have a duty to identify hazards to their employees and take appropriate measures to prevent them. This, of course, also applies to VDU and office workstations. With regard to the stresses of VDU work, various interactions can occur, although VDU and office workplaces are generally considered to be low-stress. […]

9. December 2022

E-learning: the benefits for companies and employees.

E-learning – what is that actually? E-learning is the use of digital media for learning. It involves teaching content that can be accessed on various digital platforms. E-learning enables learners to inform and educate themselves independently of location. The advantages of e-learning for companies and employees The advantages of this learning model are obvious: e-learning […]

18. November 2022

Why every company must carry out first aid training!

First aid instruction is a short training program that teaches the basics of first aid. It is about how to treat life-threatening injuries that may occur during an emergency. Many people think that they can’t learn first aid because they don’t have medical expertise. But that’s a fallacy. Anyone can learn the basics of first […]

14. November 2022

Fire protection in your company

Fire safety training is mandatory under the German Occupational Health and Safety Act, DGUV regulations, and according to the technical rules for workplaces. And rightly so, because in an emergency, good fire safety instruction can save lives. But what exactly is fire safety training and how often does it have to be carried out? A […]

7. November 2022

Dangerous goods training for companies

Training employees in hazardous materials is an essential part of safety work in companies. The training is intended to enable employees to behave correctly and safely when handling hazardous substances and objects. The training is usually conducted by specialists who have the necessary knowledge and experience. The training courses are usually divided into theoretical and […]

7. November 2022

UVV Driver Safety Instruction Online

Professional drivers have an important task. To enable them to perform their work safely and reliably, they must receive instruction once a year. Instruction is mandatory under the Motor Vehicle Service Act (KDG) and the Professional Driver Qualification Ordinance (BKrFQV). The aim of the instruction is to inform the drivers about general regulations for freight […]

7. November 2022

Effectively implement mandatory instructions in the company

Mandatory instruction – what is it actually? Mandatory instruction is the instruction that every employer must provide to its employees. It is about informing employees about the hazards and risks that may occur at work. The purpose of compulsory instruction is to ensure that employees know how to behave in certain situations in order to […]