9. December 2022

Ergonomics instruction for office employees

Common mistakes in office ergonomics

Employers have a duty to identify hazards to their employees and take appropriate measures to prevent them. This, of course, also applies to VDU and office workstations. With regard to the stresses of VDU work, various interactions can occur, although VDU and office workplaces are generally considered to be low-stress. In rare cases, occupational diseases may occur. The higher demands on vision when using VDU workstations mean that any existing limitation of vision is more noticeable. Appropriate vision corrections such as VDU glasses can provide relief.

The VDU workstation is now firmly integrated into most offices. Nevertheless, office workers should pay attention to several aspects when working at a computer screen. For one thing, it is important to position oneself correctly. A good sitting angle is about 90 degrees, and the feet should be parallel to the screen. The elbows should be slightly bent and the hands should not rest on the lap, but preferably on the keyboard or mouse pad.

Nowadays, most of us sit in front of a computer, whether for business or pleasure. In doing so, it is important to pay attention to a few aspects so that you don’t end up with health problems such as back pain or eye complaints. The right posture is crucial: the feet should be parallel to the screen, the elbows slightly bent and the hands on the keyboard or mouse pad. Visual aids such as screen glasses can provide relief here. So pay attention when working at the computer – otherwise nothing will stand in the way of an uncomfortable day at the office!

But correct posture is only one part of office ergonomics, which also takes into account how to deal with stress and overwork. Here, it’s important to exercise regularly and take breaks. A healthy diet and plenty of water can also be helpful in reducing stress.

Safety and healthy behavior should always be maintained in the workplace. To achieve this, regular instruction should be provided to employees.

Topics for safety instruction “office workplaces

Topics for instruction for office employees include – among others – the arrangement of work equipment on the desk surface, the correct adjustment of the work chair and footrest, the advantages of dynamic sitting, the handling of the software used and the possibility of preventive medical check-ups. At the end of the instruction, the employee must take a multiple-choice test to verify the knowledge learned.

Through the instruction on how to work properly at VDU workstations, employees are made aware of potential hazards and know how to behave in certain situations .Only well-instructed employees can use the available office work equipment correctly and efficiently, and prevent chronic occupational diseases in the process.