With our Learn-Management-System you start the step into a new form of knowledge transfer. The many disadvantages of face-to-face training such as lost working time, additional costs for rooms and hospitality, missing employees who have to be retrained, necessary multilingualism, etc. are eliminated. With DigiDuck, every employee can complete his or her individual training at any time.


No matter if you want to use DigiDuck on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Our responsive solution always offers the right visualization for all output devices. And if required, your employees can immediately download our Android app from the Google Playstore onto their smartphone and use the function and training in many languages in addition to German, such as: English, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech.

Corporate Design

For a better identification of the employees with your DigiDuck system we offer you the possibility to equip the start picture with your own motive, to integrate your logo permanently and to provide the certificates with logo and your signature. After all, it is YOUR platform.

Organizational hierarchy

Take advantage of this opportunity and map your company structure on the platform. Whether branches, departments or specialist areas – it is your world that we will reflect for you in DigiDuck.

Create your own courses

Do you have special requirements for your course material and therefore want to develop your own training courses? Talk to us. Our concierge team consisting of experienced trainers and software developers will help you to design your individual training courses at the highest level.

Integrate existing training material

Of course, we can transfer your existing training material from other platforms or your intranet into the DigiDuck system. Talk to us about the many possibilities.

Training material at the highest level

We are proud of the high qualitative level of our legally compliant audiovisual trainings. With a lot of experience and attention to detail, our team creates trainings with easy navigation and adaptation to the individual learning speed of each employee. Each new training is immediately created multilingual by native speakers. Do you have special language requirements? No problem. Talk to us.

Success control and documentation

Of course, at the end of the training we offer your employees the possibility to test what they have learned. In a multiple-choice test, they have the opportunity to check their knowledge. If 80% of the questions are answered correctly, the test is considered passed. If not, it can be repeated. With different questions, of course. After successful completion, the employee receives a certificate of completion with your logo and signature.

Controlling the results

In the DigiDuck system, the respective knowledge level of the employee is documented. You can therefore see whether training or instruction has taken place, been passed or not. In this way, you can make a targeted needs analysis of where you may need to make readjustments. In addition, you have also secured the legally required documentation for your corporate duties. In the case of regular mandatory training, you can manage the repetitions in the DigiDuck system.

Test DigiDuck now and transform the necessary learning for your employees into a new age!