People often think that it is only for employees in logistics, warehousing and production to receive necessary legal instructions, training and mandatory information. But this is wrong. All employees in a company are affected by this, no matter how big the company is. If this is not done, there can be serious legal consequences for management and the company.

Do you already instruct your employees in an audit-proof manner in all legally important areas such as ergonomics for office employees, general occupational health and safety, first aid, etc.? Are you aware of the risk to you as a manager if you fail to do so?

What you need is a cost-effective, online-based system that takes care of these legal obligations for you in an audit-proof manner, trains your employees professionally at all times and thus gives you the guarantee that you have implemented everything that is legally necessary.

Take the opportunity now and test DigiDuck. Reach all your employees exactly where they are.